Bariatrix, Who we are

Who we are and what makes us different

Bariatrix Nutrition is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-protein nutrition products.

Since 1978, Bariatrix has been a leading developer of high protein foods for the medical, commercial and retail markets. Through many different stages, Bariatrix has remained a family company, on the cutting edge of high protein foods for athletes, medical weight loss, and everyday consumers. 


Bariatrix, the beginning 


  • 1978: Bariatrix Products is founded by Thomas Egger in Montreal, Canada after pivoting his burgeoning pharmaceutical business to concentrate on high protein products for weight management. 


Baritatrix, manufacturer of protein foods


  • 1980s: Bariatrix becomes a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty foods and dietary supplements for medical and commercial weight management. 


Bariatrix, the patent for the world's first protein bar


  • 1990: Bariatrix files a patent for the world’s first Protein bar with more protein than carbohydrate.


Conquering the American market


  • 1990s: The success of the medical high protein food business prompts many leading commercial brands to rely on Bariatrix for research and development in breakthrough protein bar manufacturing expertise. Bariatrix expands with a US location for distribution.


  • 2000s: Bar manufacturing capacity expands to exceed 600 Million bars annually


Bariatrix nutrition, development of our research centre


  • 2004: After a sale of Bariatrix Products and the existing commercial manufacturing base, Bariatrix Nutrition is founded to focus solely on the research, development, and distribution of foods for medical weight management. 


Bariatrix arrives in Europe


  • 2005: Bariatrix Europe is founded in Valence, France to allow for global distribution of weight management and wellness products


Evolution of Bariatrix over the last few years


  • 2010: Bariatrix Nutrition begins manufacturing high protein powdered products again
  • 2014: With the inability to find a partner with the right expertise in functional high protein bars, Bariatrix Nutrition reintroduces bar manufacturing
  • 2017: Bariatrix US begins blending, pouching, and stick filling
  • 2018: Bariatrix Europe inaugurates a new high-speed bar line
  • 2019: Bariatrix US begins manufacturing and distributing high protein chips


The future, your future project with Bariatrix!


The Future: We want to work with YOU to create the future of High Protein Foods!