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Dietitian Corner: Ditch the Stress During the Holidays!

Dietitian Corner: Ditch the Stress During the Holidays!

Often times, clients are faced with temptation of the easily accessible desserts, sweetened alcoholic beverages and endless amounts of snacks. More often than not, the surroundings are what makes the hunger in our eyes stand out and not necessarily our true, inner hunger.


The holiday themed Turkey Trot is one way clients can avoid the temptations that come alongside of the November holiday season. The ability to get through the week is a proven success; but, what happens on Thanksgiving morning? Do clients want an easy go-to breakfast that will hold them over until that big mid-day, early evening feast?


A healthy and delicious breakfast treat that is recommended, especially on Thanksgiving morning, is a tasty egg creation using our egg scrambles. Pair the egg scramble mix with one full egg, and get the protein equivalence of 3 large eggs. Protein is the key ingredient to making us remain full and distracted until that next eating event. Introduce this tasty breakfast recipe that all families will enjoy. Not only will there be much satisfaction, but they will come back asking for more!


Katelyn Fougere, RD, LDN